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Surely we are restless and curious souls.

Dare we be the alternative?

I find myself so thrilled in passionately searching out the holiness of this Earth.

Trusting continually that goodness and lightness are relentless to the times and mindless structures of man.

I am a purist, and a believer that I am surrounded by the same.

"   When we contemplate the duration of the universe, we see it limited to the present moment, which is nothing more but the point which separates two infinities of time. The past and the future are as meaningless as if they did not exist. Is anyone more misguided than the man who barters an eternal future for a moment which passes quicker than the blink of an eye?   "
Ibn Hazm Al Andalousi, Al Akhlaq wa’l Siyar

I’m venturing to do a photo set highlighting the horrors of vice and the contrasting innocence which lingers. Very soon, folks. Very soon.

If I allow it, such beauty will happen upon my person. I know this.

My prayer is that my mind not be clouded with pursuit of unnecessary thought.

I pray I am brave, to be that of myself - continuously.

"   I am larger and better than I thought. I did not know I held so much goodness.   "
Walt Whitman

As long as there be hope, there be the world.

I am becoming a woman I deeply take pride in being.

What a blessing.

You inspire songs, and infinitely am I moved by your person.

I only hope to fearlessly and ambitiously adore you.

Never did I think I would fall so simply in love with another being.

How could I be any happier? I could not. Dare you move me to feel more! I would be delighted.

All I can think of is my grandmother, and how I hope not to loose her.

Too late in this life have I discovered we are sames, that she has such mounting beauty within her soul.

JV, Don’t you go dyin’..

"   In the realm of love, there is neither belief, nor unbelief.   "

á sjálf sig þau trûðu

"In themselves they trusted."

Should I trust in myself to have hope in G-d, that such hope could never be in falsehood.